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I can completely see Jim Caveziel as Fr. Freeman. The rest of the 'cast' sounds good [honestly, I'm so out of touch with actors nowadays I don't know most of those mentioned].

Side bar - did you see where there is a UN group trying to push a resolution stating the Vatican's stance on abortion, etc. violates human rights? I had a flashback to A Pius Stand when I read it. Your book is a work of fiction right? [you didn't time travel, go forward, read headlines then travel back and write did you?]

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I don't time travel.

Though to be fair ... the UN has been kicking that around SINCE APM came out. I'm almost afraid I've given them ideas.

But the American Left was pushing something similar, and talked about getting the UN involved. So, they telegraphed this move a little ... they might as well have sent it Western Union. Or Pony Express.

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