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Thank you for putting in words how most people I know/associate with feel about Hollyweird (as Sean Ryan would say). And if someone in that industry dares to speak up against the norm they are ostracized at best, blacklisted/career destroyed at worst.

Your posts let me know it's not just 'people in the south' or 'people in red states' who feel so frustrated about what we see. Hope you have a terrific weekend.

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Good thread!

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I have been told that the Nazis were such good bad guys, they will remain standard villains for the next century, if not longer. Not to say I think that's a *good* thing, just that it's a fact.

Heh, I still remember how excited I was over "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," when they had Indy fighting Commies. I wish they'd played that angle up for the Winter Soldier in the Captain America films a bit more, but at least we got some hints. And we DEFINITELY need more mention of MS-13.

Now if only we could put them all in a few more franchises (mainly ours, I suppose) we'd be in business....

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