Okay, I have to admit, I forgot that Loki was supposed to have his own movie. I vaguely remember a lot of rumors flying around after The Avengers came out, but they didn't seem likely to materialize, so I ignored them. Now I wish I hadn't.

I honestly expected them to go with BP's original comic book story which had him facing M'Baku. The fuss there was over his villain name, which.... Why? Just call him M'Baku if you don't want to use his supervillain title. He'll still be T'Challa's main adversary and you won't have to worry about offending anyone. (And seriously, Shuri's the tech genius? That's her big brother's line. Shuri wanted the throne in the comics, and while I liked Letitia Wright's performance, I can't forgive them for how they treated T'Challa. Aggh!)

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The only Phase 4 movie I'm kinda interested in is the Doctor Strange one. Everything else is meh at best.

As for Nick Fury, I hear the Secret Invasion series is supposed to be centered on him. Of course, Secret Invasion as a storyline isn't exactly "going small"

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