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Pretty much this, exactly.

When promotional shots came out showing the Lara we knew from the game and the plane wreck we knew from the game, it was like a gorgeous promise. I think we were all anticipating the feudal ruins, the deserted WWII installations, the deadly shantytown, the labyrinthine caverns, haunted forests, a depraved cult of survivors led by a megalomaniacal madman, a merciless army of undead soldiers. And the traps and challenges.

And what we got was an insipid exercise set in what looked like scrubby, overgrown back lot, somewhere. Utterly unforgettable save for the disappointment and disgust that will last a lifetime.

While I can’t say I cared for all of the HBO adaptation of TLOU 100%, I have to point out that it succeeded by following the original game’s story. Its most powerful and celebrated moments were, for the most part, faithful recreations of scenes and dialogue from the game.

Why couldn’t this happen with Tomb Raider or Uncharted? So sad.

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