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The Great #BlackFriday / #CyberMondayBook Sale


Review: John C Wright's Somewhither

Escape From New York

On the Road... Again

Shoot the Devil

The Dark Web Drops

Dark Web is coming

Review: Dan Humphrey's "Fade."

Fisking the Atlantic's fear of the Rosary

Amazon: Threat or Menace?

Saint Tommy & the NYPD

Two quickies

Final Dragon

A short biography of a Catholic Author

On the Road Again

Father's Day

The Cliches that need to die.

Son of the Dragon (Awards)

Review: The "Monsters and Cryptids" series by David Weatherly

Before our Escape from Italy

Review: Monster Hunter Files

Destiny and Destroying Rome

SFWA's Inside Job: Member Leaks Directory Data

Review: The Revenant and the Tomb by Herman P. Hunter

Review: The Romanov Rescue by Kratman, Ezell & Watson

St Tommy Abroad


Coven: Upping the Ante

Building a Saint

Writing Death Cult

Review: Into the Real by Ringo and Lydia Sherrer

Review: TIER 1000 by Jason Anspach and Doc Spears

Writing MS-13 as villain

Review: Hell Spawn by Declan Finn

Enter: Hell Spawn

House of the Dragon (Awards)

Review: PRIMORDIAL THREAT, by M.A. Rothman

Saint Tommy, Locked and Loaded

Review: OFF TO BE THE WIZARD by Scott Meyer

Review: THE FAMILY BUSINESS by Mike Kupari

Review: Monster Hunter Vendetta

Updates and Cover Reveals


Review: Monster Hunter International, by Larry Correia

(Organizational) Death and Taxes: SFWA's Filings Hit the Internet

Review: Servants of War, by Larry Correia and Steve Diamond

Review: My Luck, by Mel Todd

Thunder God of Mars: A Superhero Prose Novel

Review: A Long Time Until Now

Church Fails

Review: A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Drosselmeyer: Curse of the Rat King

Review: Year of the Unicorn by Andre Norton

A Silver Empire Falls

The Mummy of Monte Cristo

Review: White Ops, by Declan Finn

Review: Barrayar by Lois McMaster Bujold


10 Years published

Review: Main Street, DOA, by Declan Finn

Merging Dragon Awards

Review: LOST PLANET HOMICIDE by Larry Correia

Main Street D.O.A. drops Tomorrow

Review: SoHo Sins by Richard Vine

Spoiling Scalzi: A Real-Time Read of Kaiju Preservation Society (Finale)

Spoiling Scalzi: A Real-Time Read of Kaiju Preservation Society (Part 3)

Review: Cherry Drop, by P.A. Piatt

Just Joshing Episode 725: Declan Finn

Review: THE ROMANOV RESCUE, by Tom Kratman, et al

Review: Death Cult by Declan Finn

One Ring to Rule Them All? Whom Should Lord of the Rings Fans Truly Blame for the Alterations Seen in Amazon’s Rings of Power Trailers?

Review: Isekai Skies

Review: The Last Archon, by Richard W. Watts

Bad Romance: An Auction, Politics and Bad Actors

Review: The Wisdom of Walt Disney: The Themes, Ethics, and Ideas of His Greatest Films by David Breitenbeck

Declan Finn and Nico Pengin

Author interview with NBC

Creating an Alien

Review: Politics Kills, by Declan Finn

Peter Halasz’s Expulsion From SF Canada Leaves More Questions Than Answers

Writing the Future... again

Politics Kills Drops tomorrow

Review: Alternate Routes, by Tim Powers

Review: Monster Punk Horizon, by HP Holo

Declan Finn! (Geek Gab, Episode 263!)

Red Dragon (Award)

Review: Auditors of Doom by Roy M. Griffis

Review: Summer Storm, by Morgon Newquist

Review: Seize What's Held Dear, by Karl Gallagher

Live From the Bunker 360: Declan Finn Finally Publishes His First Novel

White Ops Reviewed

Review: Sherlock Holmes and the Shadwell Shadows by James Lovegrove

Review: Mel Todd's No Choice

Review: The Fourth Bear of God, by Denton Salle

Review: Dragonheart by Charles Edward Pogue

B&B 114: Episode 114: Declan Finn, Interstellar Space Daddy!

Critical Blast Podcast

Review: White Ops, by Declan Finn

Writers Room: White Ops

Release Day: White Ops

What is White Ops?

Review: A Pius Man - A Holy Thriller by Declan Finn

Review: Chalk by N.R. LaPoint

Reviews & Updates

What makes Hell Spawn Different

Review: Flight of Vengeance by Andre Norton with P.M. Griffin & Mary Schaub

The Douglas Coleman Show w Nicole Fanning and Declan Finn

Sex and Violence

Remembering Mike Resnick: The Widowmaker turns 25

Review: Maxwell Cain: Burrito Avenger

Saint Tommy isn't done yet

Review: Hell Spawn by Declan Finn

Character Creation: Sean P Ryan

Review: Between Home and Ruin, by Karl K. Gallagher