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Advent: Lent, with Christmas Lights.

Music: A Stirling Christmas

TV Review: Dick Wolfe's FBI

RERELEASE: Planetary Anthology

The stories of Shoot the Devil 2: Dark Matter

NEW RELEASE: Shoot the Devil 2, Dark Matter

Thirteen Stories of Horror: Anthology

The Bad habits You Support

Massive Saint Tommy Sale

Cover Reveal(s)

Reviews of Honor at Stake

#BookReview: Death Planet: (Dinosaur Warfare #1)

#BookReview: Dirty Water, by Tom Kratman

WFP 19: Declan Finn, "Hell Spawn"

The BasedCon Based Book Sale is on Sept. 7-12

Snarky Theology 101: Eat me

Book Review: The Icarus Twin, by Timothy Zahn

High Republic, Low Sales

The Heart of a Dragon (Award)

Casting Saint Tommy, NYPD, Hell Spawn

Revenge of the Dragon

On Guns

The Final Father's Day

Audiobook & Sales

Short Biography of A Catholic Vampire

Building Lycanthropy Lore

A History of Vatican Ninjas

From History to Vampires

Moving Forward in Romance

Creating Mister Day for Demons are Forever

Why Catholic Vampires?

#BookReview: The Moon and the Desert, by Robert Hampson

Honor At Stake, 9-11, and New York fiction

New Yorkers for Vampires

Making Vampires For the Real World

#MondayBlogs: Government Work

To Catch a Monster

Honor At Stake and New York City

Building Romance

Building Character (Honor At Stake)

White Ops 5 Has Released

Developing novels: Honor at Stake origins

On Honor at Stake...

Love At First Bite Returns from the Grave

Alien Mafias! Vampires! Vatican Ninjas!

Short Story: Lesson Plan

Escape From New York, Part 90

Still alive

Review: Tomb Raider, 2018

FantaSci: Emotional Appeal

Eulogy for my father

Hollywood Nazis

On the End of the MCU

Stories of my father

Father's Day Came Early

White Ops #4, Gathering Storm

#BookReview: Phoenix (The Carter Files #1), by Lori Janeski

New Releases: Plural


Life in Purgatory

The Magic School Bundle

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